Integration with Confluence and JIRA (Atlassian suite)


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    Kevin Fairs

    By way of an update to this - we have recently completed a POC piece of work to ensure we understand integration between MooD and JIRA.  We used the data platform as a mechanism for extract data, we have been able to import Issues, fields on issues and relationships between issues into MooD for use in a number of scenarios

    This POC was conducted with two specific use cases in mind.  Whilst this did not drastically affect the actual import, it did have an influence on the way we structured and used information within MooD.

    Use case 1


    1. I use JIRA to manage the backlog of items I want my development teams to work on
    2. I use MooD to create a high level design, which I communicate to stakeholders around the intent of the solution

    As the chief of engineering, I want to be able to illustrate the number and progress of tickets against the design, so that I am able to easily express, in context that my stakeholders are familiar with, the progress towards completion of their design

    This use case is intended to cover the lack of easy visualisation within the JIRA product, and is primarily around the visualisation of content in JIRA in a consumable way. 

    Use case 2


    1. Everyone is using JIRA to record the work they have on their workbook
    2. There is a clearly defined portfolio of work which is agreed and to be delivered

    As the chief of engineering, I want to have line of sight between what everyone is working on, and the things they should be working on – showing tickets which are being worked but not aligned to the portfolio of items etc. So that I can cut the work by team and/or business area (should be able to get this by blending jira data with org breakdown from another source so that I can see where the balance of portfolio work is likely to be and I can move my teams around accordingly.

    This use case is mainly around using the information in JIRA to metricate progress towards a goal / outcome design.  It is characterised by showing the "issue" items against each component of design and relies on a common taxonomy of solution artefacts against which tickets are raised.

    If you have a use case drastically different to the above, please let us know.

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