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    Kevin Fairs


    Am I reading this right in thinking that the scope of the ask is to control the ability of users to navigate through clicking for elements on page only - and specifically relationship links in this ask, rather than the full list of below aspects? 

    Other Potential Navigations:

    • Elements drawn on a page
    • Matrices (by element type, not by column)
    • Panels - eg info panels.
    • Charts (eg network and radial

    Are you also suggesting that the control applies to only MAE, or MBA and MAE?


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    Karl Hertz

    Hi Kev,


    The ask is for anything that you can set a style to, i.e. anything that you want to standardise behaviour for by this mechanism. The idea is that certain things (such as relationship links or certain elements that you place on a model) needs further control than just looks, but you could also control behaviour through this. What we are running into is that you want to represent something a certain way and when you do, the more aspects of the behaviour you can control the better (standard model master, for instance, or allowing navigation). The thing that brings us most pain now is not being able to set "allow navigation on web" in a clean and consistent manner throughout, but we have to do it piece by piece. Its mitigated through "select all", but this is a fairly blunt tool and if we want to change the standard behaviour in the future, we have to go through all models of certain types and do "after the fact" work on them, rather than (neatly) changing the way they are suppposed to behave (through their style.


    Of the things you list, elements is the only other thing. Matrices is a bit of a special case and I have thought about raising a separate feature request on those, to allow not only to control what model master, but to fine tune it to be "model master per typ" and "navigation per type" (e.g. if the column lists a "role", apply MM "role - edit", if the column lists "post" do not allow navigation). We are already hitting cases where this would be preferable to the (very welcome) new feature of being able to set model masters per column. To me, though, this is something else.


    We are only looking at MAE at this point.


    Does this clarify the need and the cause for the need?

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