Defining collections of objects responsive to panels and which panels can respond to



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    Kevin Fairs

    we spoke.

    My understanding this is that there are a number of ways you can visualise elements in MooD.  One is through placing elements onto a page, and creating a visually compelling narrartive which you have control over, the other is through graph panels, which are dynamically populated, but here is less control over the position of items within the panels.

    The benefit of placing elements on a page is the control over layout, but the limitation is that the only "click" activity on them is to navigate to the element.  You want to drive a set of panels from the items on the page, to give greater detail to the concept.

    summary: you would like something to let you see related information to an element, visualised through panels, but driven from the highlight or selection of an element placed on a page  (or: counter option - the ability to use a graph panel type thing to tell the stories you need to with the visual precision you have through using elements on a page)

    An example may be that you have an image that contextualises the thing you're designing / monitoring / operating. Through clicking on parts of that image (which we apprecaite has elements laid over it) you're looking to see additional panls on the page show the context of that element (or group of elements)close?

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    Karl Hertz

    Yes. I've sent you some further details via e-mail.

    The reason I'm talking about collections is the need to be able to let a set of elements use the same panels and visualisation options (on click, hover, etc.).


    (Also, to clarify: This is implicit in the above description/summary, I just wanted to make sure it was explicit as well...)

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