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    Karl Hertz

    Without trying to hijack this topic and knowing our workflows probably are not the same (i.e. our way of creating "structure" has the building and maintenance of meta models as a step, therefore, we ensure an updated model or meta model components as time goes):


    We would really like not just the ability to visualise the meta model or have "easy to deploy" meta model visualisation but rather the ability to build out the meta model in a visual way. Right now what we have to do is to go into "manage themes", create the themes and relationships we want, instansiate a #-child, pull that onto a model and then start building out the visual component of the meta model for a solution. This is a rather cumbersome workflow. Imagine if instead we could:


    1. Create a "meta model visualisation model".

    2. Pull out existing #-children on it.

    3. When when you need a new theme, you drag a "new theme box" out and you are given a dialog to create a new theme (instead of going into "manage themes")

    4. When you connect the elements on the model, you are given the option of either using existing relationships or creating a new relationship. If you chose new rleationship, you are again brought to a dialog where you are able to define the new relationship.


    Handling of measures and epochs would obviously have to be worked out. If we could get this, we would save days of time in the way we work and we would also have a much easier time in engaging certain stakeholder types in the work...


    (again, sorry @Peter for hijacking the topic, but the idea above led me down this path, so hopefully you are not too cross with me :) ).

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