External Editor for JavaScript boxes



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    Richard Thompson

    Hi Soren, thank you for your request I shall pass this on internally and aim to provide you with an update shortly.

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    Soren Staun

    This is getting more and more critical since a lot of my work is JavaScripting extensions to MooD.

    Current workflow:

    * Find the XHTML panel and flip it
    * Click Edit
    * Goto HTML or JavaScript tab (it should remember which tab you were last on across XHTML panels, like MooD does when you examine or many other places)
    * Select all, copy
    * Open random file in VS Code and paste
    * Edit and use 'shit-alt-f' to auto-format all code.
    * Select all, copy
    * Paste in XHTML, click ok and watch panel close. (Will have to open it again in a minute)
    * Save master or view
    * Reload browser.

    New flow could be:
    * Flip panel
    * Click external editor button
    * VS Code opens new tab since already open
    * Save from VS Code
    * Reload browser

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    Matthew Dodd

    Hi Soren, we haven't implemented this yet but the UI has been improved slightly (this is 16 Build 82):


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    Soren Staun

    Hey Matt,

    Yeah, this is a lot better. Actually, the "Apply" button cuts out 

    • Close the panel
    • Save master
    • Open the panel


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